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In-House Processing - Shared screen with speaker view
L&D Producer
Hello! We will get started in a few minutes.
roberto Rabano
on the last loan, the counselor completed the certificate, but FAR required their own form signed too which delayed the processing by weeks because the counselor took weeks to complete the FAR form.
Adam Heaney
Can we get a copy of the slides/PDF of the presentation?
roberto Rabano
it was a counseling certificate for FAR. It was your form
roberto Rabano
Can we charge the borrower upfront for the kther out of pocket fees such as HOA cert
David Nuber
For counseling, I understand that we need to order counseling specifically for the HomeSafe of HECM program? if they switch, is it just a matter of getting the right cert or do they need to re-do counseling? Is counseling required for Equity Avail?
David Nuber
Are we able to check on pricing with other AMC's upfront for our specific deals? I feel like the last appraisal we did had a fee that was way more than should have been charged ($1,625!!)
David Nuber
Does the counseling have to come from one of the counseling agencies listed on the proposal or can they go with any qualified counseling agency even if not listed on the proposal?
Carmalon Batiste
For CA loans, does the cooling period start over if the borrower switches from the Home Safe to a HECM and completes the HECM counseling?
David Nuber
I just did a HomeSafe a couple months ago and there was no processing fee (for in-house). Has that changed recently?
roberto Rabano
We processed our last loan. However, the FOA assistant who handled the loan, missed documents he had for at least 30 days, and he ended up requesting them multiple times, which delayed our close, and rates jumped up and the proceeds were reduced by $45,000. Will using your processing eliminate these delays
David Nuber
I understand that when I send out the proposal that I would not need to include the YSP to broker. But when disclosures are sent out what is the guideline for disclosing the YSP - do you have a safety factor so that we don't get a cure?